At Seiberling, we choose equipment and software to meet your needs—with your best long-term interests in mind.

With the industry experience and expertise in the latest measurement and control devices, standards and technologies, your dedicated Seiberling team will collaborate with you from concept and visioning to commissioning and training to ensure that you get a customized integrated system.

Automation Specialists


Our dedicated staff consistently adds value to every project.



Seiberling is knowledgeable in control system integration for hygienic applications. We understand the constraints of wet and corrosive environments and plan our equipment designs to provide many years of service in these conditions.

Seiberling designs to the following codes:

Seiberling provides the following services:

  • Control system architectural design and overview
  • Control system budgeting and cost estimates
  • Complete control system bid package
  • Control system bill of materials
  • Instrument specifications
  • Control panel specifications
  • Design and internal wiring drawings
  • Field Installation specifications, drawings and bid package
  • Control system and FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)
  • Electrical point-to-point check-out

Seiberling provides the following network support:

  • DH485
  • Serial
  • Ethernet
  • EthernetIP
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Data Highway Plus
  • Data Highway
  • Modbus Plus
  • Modbus
  • AS-I
  • Modicon remote IO
  • Allen-Bradley remote IO

Prior to development of PLC/HMI code, Seiberling works with their clients to develop the foundation documentation which defines the users and process software requirements. This work typically progresses through the development of the following documents:

  • Process/CIP/SIP functional requirements
  • Batch calculations definition
  • Process recipe parameters
  • CIP unit matrix charts
  • CIP circuit device sequencing
  • CIP recipe parameters
  • Definition of alarms and limits
  • Software design specification

After agreement on the technical content of these documents, the PLC and HMI programming code is developed. After development and prior to installation at the client’s job site, we thoroughly test and document PLC/HMI programming performance. The Software Test Protocols and Site Acceptance Test Documents are developed based on criteria and requirements defined in the foundation programming requirements and specifications.

We believe in providing proper documentation with the code we write, so that the control system can be maintained and understood by your plant personnel. Seiberling engineers focus on developing well structured and well thought out logic that provides the flexibility that your facility needs for today and the future.

We are proficient with the most modern Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) technology. We continue to provide quality support for legacy systems that many System Integrators cannot deal with. Seiberling will work with you to get the most out of your plant’s capital investment in controls.

Seiberling engineers are experienced within the following wide range of Programmable Logic Controllers. Please contact us for a review of your specific PLC application.


  • PLC5
  • SLC500
  • CompactLogix
  • MicroLogix
  • ControlLogix
  • 1756 IO
  • Point IO
  • Flex IO


  • 584
  • 984B
  • 785
  • Quantum
  • Unity


  • S7
  • S5

Seiberling personnel are also experienced with the following HMI packages (please contact us for a review of typical HMI Screens.):

  • GE – iFIX
  • AVEVA – Wonderware System Platform and InTouch
  • Rockwell – FactoryTalk View SE
  • Rockwell – FactoryTalk View ME
  • Rockwell – RSView32
  • Inductive Automation – Ignition
  • Schneider Electric – Citec
  • Siemens – WinCC

Seiberling personnel are experienced with the following programming languages:

  • Visual Basic
  • VBA
  • .net
  • Java
  • HTML
  • ASP

Seiberling supports the following Historians

  • Rockwell
  • Wonderware
  • IFix

Seiberling supports the following SQL servers

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle

Seiberling supports the following reporting systems

  • Access
  • Web based
  • Dream reports
  • Process books
  • Vantage point
  • Rockwell Transaction manager
  • SAP interfacing