Project Description

A First in CIP Implementation.

We developed and designed the first new agricultural chemical plant in the world to apply Clean-in-Place (CIP) technology.

We provided process/CIP design assistance to ensure a high degree of cleanability due to the extremely low levels of carryover tolerance in this multiproduct facility. The toxic nature of the concentrated ingredients/products required a highly developed means of containment to protect the operators and the environment.

A thorough review of process equipment, transfer lines, emergency ductwork, etc. was performed to identify equipment modifications to ensure cleanability in a contained manner.

Over two hundred custom spray devices were designed and installed for use in Teflon-lined pipe, reactors and equipment that had previously been manually cleaned requiring extensive downtime and presented safety concerns to operators.

The CIP system was developed to clean the entire facility consisting of over twenty five pieces of equipment and miles of pipe extending over six levels in a single circuit.  The automated CIP design provided for a cleaning program which minimized water usage and delivered a quick turnaround time while reducing operator exposure to toxic chemicals. CIP waste streams were incinerated to minimize risk to the environment.

Our services were secured from conceptual design through start-up and commissioning.

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